Cornish Pasties Hand Made in Cornwall, Baked Fresh Throughout the Day

All our pasties have potato, turnip (swede), and onion with…

Traditional Pasty: Skirt of beef steak
Medium or Large

Steak & Stilton: Skirt of beef steak, with a melted blue cheese.

Steak & gravy: chopped beef steak in a meaty gravy.

Peppered steak: beef steak in a peppered gravy.

Chicken: chicken pieces creamy bèchamel sauce with a hint of tarragon and mustard.
Chicken balti: chicken pieces in a mild  yoghurt, cream and tomato curry sauce.
Cheese bacon & leek: chunks of bacon with leek using a strong mature cheddar.
Sausage roll: pork sausage meat, with sage and onion, in a light flaky puff pastry.

Christmas Pasty: Turkey, Cranberry, and sage and onion stuffing in the pastry.

Vegetarian Pasties

Deluxe cheese & onion: with mature cheddar cheese.

Cheese broccoli & sweetcorn: with broccoli, sweetcorn and a strong cheddar cheese.


Vegetable: light fresh and crisp packed full of vegetables: peas, red and green peppers, sweetcorn, carrot, & broad beans.

Vegan sausage roll: sage and onion stuffing with sundried tomato in a crispy vegan pastry.

Vegan wholemeal: vegetables, pulses and lentils with a mild tomato and herb sauce, in a wholemeal vegan pastry.

Thai vegetable: mixed vegetables and pulses in coconut milk, with lemon grass in a spicy Thai curry sauce.

Mexicana: vegetables and pulses in a spicy tomato and herb sauce in a vegan pastry.


We have a great reputation for our cakes and biscuits, which change from day to day. We always have a choice of vegan, as well as gluten free sweet treats. Please call or look at our Facebook page to see that days offerings.
Our Facebook page also notifys what soups, shakes or other foods we are offering.

Our Drinks Menu

Espresso – Dark Strong Classically Italian:£2.00
Macchiato – Espresso with a foam topping: £2.00
Café Latte – Espresso topped with thick hot milk and foam £2.80
Cappuccino – Espresso topped with foamed milk: £2.80
Americano – Double Espresso with extra hot water: £2.00
Mocha – Espresso, hot chocolate, hot milk and foam:£2.90
Tea – Choose from our selection of black teas: £1.50
Herbal Tea – Choose from our selection of herbal teas: £1.50
Hot Chocolate – Luxury thick hot chocolate :£2.90
Hot Milk: £2

We offer dairy, soya, and Almond or Oat milk.

We also have a selection of soft drinks, fruit juice, and Presse.